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News & Announcements
Keep up-to-date with all the latest news and important announcements.
New Member Introductions
New to the forums? Say hello and introduce yourself here!
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General Miniclip Discussion
Discuss all things Miniclip, from the site to player accounts, the latest news and game releases, awards, customer service experiences and any related chit chat.
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Achievements and Goals
Discuss your latest game and tournament achievements, awards and what you hope to achieve in the the future.
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Miniclip Tournament Ranking
General information, rules, guidelines, calendar and points.
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Tourney Archive
Tournaments that have been played and completed.
Game Suggestions & Bug Reports
Report bugs and errors in Miniclip's games and website or share your own game ideas!
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8 Ball Pool
8 Ball Pool General Discussion
The biggest & best multiplayer Pool game online!
Play this game!
      Moderators: Dalton, Tetsumonchi, m4rt1n
Arrange and take part in tournaments with other 8 Ball players.
      Moderators: Dalton, Tetsumonchi, m4rt1n
Show off your latest achievements in 8 Ball Pool.
      Moderators: Dalton, Tetsumonchi, m4rt1n Games
Latest Games
Miniclip's latest releases will appear here (feel free to post a latest release here), before being relocated alphabetically below, after a month or so.
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Games: U - Z

iPhone & Android Games
Discuss Miniclip iPhone and Android games here.
      Moderators: m4rt1n Multiplayer Games
5 in a Row
The impressive mass gaining multiplayer game of the year available for PC, iOS and Android.
Play this game!
      Moderators: m4rt1n
Home of the Anagrammatic Community. Anagram Magic, Word Sailing + other word games can be discussed here also.
Play this game!
      Moderators: Tetsumonchi
Everything Boxo here.
Bullfrog Poker
Play your cards, arrange games and live in hope of that illusive Royal Flush here.
Play this game!
      Moderators: m4rt1n
Club Penguin
Check out the MCCP reddit at HERE and catch up with old staff and members from the former Miniclip Club Penguin community.
      Moderators: Tetsumonchi
      Reddit Staff: Dracophile, Link4562, youcantsaynotopizza
Disc Pool
Disc Pooler of the Month competition.
Dogfight Squadron
A New Multiplayer Football (soccer) Game. Up to six players per game. Games are real time (LIVE), enjoy.
Play this game!
      Moderators: BPArcade
Goodgame Big Farm
Goodgame Gangster
Robot Rage
Supercar Showdown
Race against other Miniclip Player's, not in real time, but still a superb game, compare stats, best times etc here.
World Soccer Forever
Multiplayer Football (Soccer) game with tournaments, awards and rankings.
Soccer Stars
Use your soccer skills to prove you're a Champion among Soccer Stars in this fast-paced game.
Play this game!
      Moderators: m4rt1n
More Multiplayer Games
Find more Miniclip Multiplayer game discussions here.
      Moderators: The Forum Moderation Staff
Soccer Stars Achievements
General Discussion
General Chat
The general idea is you talk about general things here.
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Debate & Discussion
A place for more mature conversations such as issues in the news as well as politics and other matters.
      Moderators: Tetsumonchi, thedoc70
The Art Gallery
Show off your artwork and other creative projects.
      Moderators: The Forum Moderation Staff
Music Discussion
      Moderators: jim_b_hello
Entertainment Discussion
Talk about films, television and books here.
      Moderators: thedoc70
Sports & Physical Activities
What's your favourite sport? What's your favourite team? Are they winning/loosing?
      Moderators: m4rt1n
Jokes & Riddles
Share your jokes and riddles so long as they are suitable.
      Moderators: KING-OLE
Gaming and Technology
Discuss non-Miniclip games, apps, consoles and technology.
      Moderators: jim_b_hello
Member Blogs
How are you feeling today? What are you up to? Tough day at school/work?
      Moderators: Tetsumonchi
Miniclip Fun Forums
Posting Games
Where members fail at count to 50.
      Moderators: The Forum Moderation Staff
Not-So-Private Messages
Chat with members in their own personal threads.
      Moderators: Tetsumonchi
Recently Aired Episodes

Miniclip Network
Fictional writings and forum-orientated reality games produced and run my our members.
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Syndicated Episodes

Other Writings

Game Shows

Forum Reality Shows

The Mini's 2012
Welcome to the 8th annual forum awards! Recognizing the greatest achievements in Miniclipping.
The Archive
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Sketch Star
Player of the Week / Month
POTW/M mini tourneys, nominations and voting.
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