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8 Ball Pool General Discussion
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Lost Functionality of the Time Allotment Reminder
How Much Cash to Win/Open All of the Legendary Cues?
Table and Cloth Adjustability on Mobile iOS?
Highest win percentage, you cant beat me :)
Advanced and Premium Birthday Cues - Out On Web - 22.5.16
8 Ball hackers are taking over old accounts.
Dudes and Dudettes!
List of all festive/3 force and 3 spin cues
The 50k wins and/or 10k tour wins club!
Limited Time Earth Day Cues Out Now.
Alvin's Live Stream Schedule
Czar Cue or Titan Cue?
Let's Play
Official New Topic - Somebody has to get this started
Announcing my return to this forum
Rank 156???
winning games but loseing coins
12 Days of Christmas Sweepstakes
No Frame
I want help my miniclip account has been banned
My thoughts on the new update!
New 8 Ball pool Tier and Award :)
Game Results Not Registering
The pool forum
Which 8 ball pool minigame is your favorite for winning cash
my 8 ball account has been hacked
What is your rank and coins amount on 8 ball pool?
Account banned exploiting 8 Ball pool
Top 20 best players of 2015 so far!!
Pool forum is down? Why?
Do you still play 8 bp?
I thought 8 ball was read only ?
Pool accounts
So much winnings with only 22 wins... Is this a cheater?
Challenge Someone (Android players only @ Downtown London)
Brand-New Forum at
8 Ball Unlucky Breaks
Balls Position (funny or awkward) screenshots
What do you recording game with ?
My 4 TDoG IDs status and report log
League Cheaters: Why is Miniclip not doing anything?
Is This A Cheater?
8 Ball Pool Cue/Stick (Power, Aim, Spin and Time UPDATED)
High level with DC Hack when he near loss
Level Up Miniclip Pool
Full stat history SUGGESTION
It's amazing that ...
Call out to FRENCHY
It seems all stats are back to normal now (title edited)
What happened to my money?
New shot clock (for PC)
Chatzy -(8 ball pool)
New update? Haha, messed up.
Happy Easter to all ... God Bless.
after update for ipad still...
Emerald Battle Time (2nd place, maybe)
8 ball pool
Account Banned
Looking for a trick shot . (travel along the rail)
Waitingfor other player to respond while time is running out
Tournament loss when I win - -!!!???
Lucky 8 cue
New to the forum
Miniclip 8-ball video's thread
player11606a vs The World
No cash
Temporarily Chatroom ... game anyone ?
Help do something about it Im going to get angry
Still taking me back to main menu after opponent shows
Join the Party of International Day of Happiness
Cant log into 8 ball with Facebook after latest update
Video is here now ..Galaxy Note 10.1" Tablet (2012) GT-
I'm done!!!
8 Ball Pool coins for selling
Gifting: Free coins for Friends
No Show won't Clear
Caught on Screenshots
Showing off ... Sapphire League
country flag
Off Subject - This is fun
History or Played Log
Reposition Loop Glitch (video)
Computer vs Mobile Poll
1 Billion+ Pool Coin in 6 days ?
99 Win Streak
Hello! Owner of /r/8BallPool, looking for people to help out
Not getting daily spin and win anymore
8 ball tournaments
Something has changed
8 Ball Pool doesn't work on Tab
Disconnected Almost All The Time
8 Bowl Cue Error
Stats Changed Suddenly!
2x Cash Not Showing In Mobile Version?
Hello and a Question
Teleport Glitch Way Too Often Lately?
Could someone PLEASE explain this to me?
I Call B.S.
Coins are not accumulating with wins
Pure Pool on PlayStation 4
Indirect 9 ball challenge !!!!!
Table Frames + Cloths Combo Effect On Gameplay?
Miniclip pool yome not changing ???
Friday - 2x Coins Limited Offer!
JACKPOT!! 250K!!!!
The different types of Trickshots
"No Hitting Cushion Denial" Challenge!
Who are still playing?
Spin vs Scratch vs Hi-Lo
play with me
Breaking strategies...
Unleash The Fury challenges you all to a rt10
StupidBowl Promotions? Why
new here
The first septuple legend
So pleased to report to you ....
Best way to not run out of coins?
How do they make those trickshots??
Ever had a losing streak? How did it end?
8 Bowl Cue ~ Limited Edition!
Android iPhone or PC/Web Which Do You Use? Poll
Best cue under 3mil coins?
Your account has been permanently blocked
Best end game cue within reason
Level 26 over 200 million coins and 22 balls potted???
Is it ok to block the oponent's ball on purpose?
Who is Joel?
Calling all challengers.....
Is This A Cheat Hack Or What??????
Bye Miniclip
Highest Level Player You Have Beaten
Scratch shots are way too often...
I didnt receive my prize on the league
Greetings All, any advice on how to record games (iPhone)?
Can someone explain ?
How important are cue powers?
Changes for the better ?
Weekly Competition
8 Ball mobile app
Flagged and banned
Best Cue!
Potting the 8 ball on break but the game continues?
High level players (8 Ball)
Solved : All my coins was reset
Games won / lost amount glitch????
Weekly league results
Admin Please ban these Cheater
The 2nd player to reach 100k games played
Happy New Year 2015 Cue!
Sharing how much do you have
change email on miniclip - 8 ball pool multiplayer
Couple of questions....
+ 2015 changes in 8 ball pool multiplayer
8 Ball Pool Tips & Tricks
tournament in monaco
How to Find Facebook ID of Someone with his/her Miniclip ID
To All Cheaters
Total winnings
RIP Standard Cue
Repeated disconnects in 8 ball. Anyone else?
Hi-Lo...close call
Searching For Decent Legit Players
Unbann Pitbulache
Unbann Pitbulache
Unable to move cue BUG?!
EPIC: Leaderboard Winnings
8 Ball Pool credits disapeared
Anybody that played Disc Pool, do you play this game?
That awkward moment when... you find a decent opponent...
i got block from miniclip?
What is the fastest time to win a match?
Can't Log In
Damn cheaters creeping back
8 ball pool CHALLANGES/small competitions
Strategy thread with screenshots?
The newest tour legend !!!!
play a few games old school
The Old 8 Ball.
Explanation please?
New Feature Coming Soon!
Will anyone play a long race?
YES - I'm the one in 1m to beat the -1
How can you continue to play !
Pool Leagues: OUT NOW
FREE Wins: collect now!!
Rate 8 Ball Pool
Your Opponent Is Breaking.
Anyone likes to play long matches?
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