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Game Suggestions & Bug Reports
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What is wrong? won second prize
Adding Friends Issue
Latest 8 ball pool awards not showing properly
love arrow does not work
New hacks in eight ball pool ?
bug in Rumble in the Soup
Missing Pool Coins
Minipet gold award
Support, please read!! LOG-IN PROBLEMS!
Disabling comments does not work anymore
Clicker Heroes Bug
Problems logging in
BUG: Bike Rivals posthumous WIN counted as LOSS in multiplay
World Soccer forever bug.
Opponent didn't show up and....
Adobe and Flash Player errors.
Adventure Capitalist
Gravity Guy Bug ( Please check)
What the bug?
Editing Yo-Me - Not Working!
Player page activity.
Score Submitting :(
Score bugs or tricks. ;)
Pool cash bought but not credited
Score bug
Blah blah :P
8 Ball Pool credits disapeared
Friends added!
Awards Bug
Gone for too long!
Error Racing Game (Police Pursit) For Mac (APPLE) User's
Gift Keeper
Mini Soccer award - can anyone explain this?
Super Robot War
Highlighted words to ads?
Power Boost Problem
Black Sun Broke (Unity)
Keep Getting Logged Out
Disc Pool
My avater is not updating
friends showing offline and no arrows
Stars Ranking
yo-me problem
Canyon Defense no award?
Golf Champions has a really BAD bug
arrows in comment box
Miniclip Highscores Section
Miniclip Players Search
Live Players Games - connection issues ??
Award previously given?
Update settings bug
APB on Brainwave
My life is over..
Monster Stunts award bug
Having a problem with Miniclip's connection
8 Ball Problems continued
Problems with 8 Ball Pool
Miniclip comment box not functioning?
Migo Land
Just great
Friends gone!
Goodgame Big Farm
Be Jumper
Boxo, guest but I'm log on
On the Run
DogFight Squadron
Comments being overrun by clones and bad language...
Commando Rush impossible to play
Why is the table changing to another table while playing?
The pool shop is not working.
The biker pool hall download is actully Wether Bug!
Monster Castle doesn't save score
Monster Bash impossible to play
Apollo 69 doesn't work
Pool coins that were won are not showing up after a win.
Credits are not showing
Maryanne's Game Suggestions
Cant access
Well crud
Nooooooooooo $^&&^$£"£%^&*Y^%
Not getting my points.
new games
Word Collapse doesn't save completed puzzles.
Problem staying log in
Gladiators score gone :x
Game Issues
Player Channel Issues
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